Introducing Kameda Daiichi Hospital

Kameda Daichi Hospital was established in August 1967 as a regional medical institution and was the only general hospital in Kameda town. In March 2005, Kameda town was incorporated into Niigata city and now the hospital is situated in the geographical center of this large metropolitan area with good access through public transportation. There are several visitor parking spaces at the hospital. The hospital is located in a rapidly growing residential area and it is a regional center of high-end medical care. The Prefectural Spine Surgery Center and the Hip Joint Center are located at this hospital. By following the growing needs of varying clinical applications, the hospital has been equipped with high-end medical devices and techniques, whereby we are constantly expanding the coverage of various medical specialties and increasing the number of medical care providers. We strive to address all of our patients health needs and to provide friendly services and a peaceful medical experience and optimal environment for our patients.

International phone and email services are available in English and Russian languages.
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